Surprise! January 28 2018


Last summer was somewhat stressful and I didn’t have much free time. But one gorgeous, balmy day I had nothing scheduled. 

We decided to take a scenic drive, stop for ice cream, check out the tourist shops and have dinner overlooking the Bay of Fundy. Lounging in the passenger seat gave me a chance to relax and enjoy the ride. 

I put my feet up on the dash, leaned back in my seat, closed my eyes, breathed in the fresh air and sighed. 

When I opened my eyes to enjoy the view, I got a surprise instead – my feet sported two different sandals. 

I laughed. It looked ridiculous. The choice occurred to me – turn around so I could get matching shoes, or keep going and enjoy the day.

We kept going. For the rest of the day, I walked around with my head high, pretending I was being fashion forward.

You can see my “Purple Surprise” sushi plate here. Holding the plate up to the light reveals muted shades of blue, a subtle surprise, completely unlike my mismatched feet.

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