Talking about love October 09 2016


From the moment we are born, we exist within the circle of life. It’s a never ending dance of hellos and good-byes, joys and sorrows, youth and age. 

Every parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent comes to a moment of realization that the small child we nurtured, loved and cared for is now able to stand on their own. 

Gradually, it dawns on us that the child is no longer just the young one but a peer, an adult with whom we can share ideas and dreams and truths.

Then comes a day, shocking perhaps, when we recognize that the no-longer-child is actively thinking about how to support and care for us, as we always cared for them. 

For the fortunate, the circle of life is a cycle of love and care and gratitude. If we see it at work, we are indeed lucky. 

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