That moment May 14 2017 2 Comments

At some point in our lives, most of us will say or do something, and realize we are becoming our parents.

Our reaction is likely horror. But as I get older, I think “I should be so lucky.” My parents were fine examples of good human beings. I hope I inherited or learned their best traits.

Growing up, we always had a vegetable garden, fruit garden and flower gardens at our camp. There were lots of flowering bushes, wild flowers and perennials.

Our house had fewer flowers. No one would ever comment on the extravagant beauty of the flower beds, but what flowers we had and the yard were nicely manicured.

While I did excel at digging potatoes as a child, I have never been good at gardening. My yard is not manicured and the plantings are haphazard. While I appreciate the beauty of flowers and wish I had them, I have never been successful at maintaining a garden.

The moment of realization that I had more in common with my mother than I thought came one summer when she stuck plastic tulips and daffodils in the window boxes. I was both surprised and thrilled.

Now that is a role model I can aspire to!

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