That will have to do April 23 2017


Last week I ordered new prescription sunglasses. I took my time trying on frames. I wanted glasses that would be comfortable and not make me look too old. 

The sales person tried to talk me into cat eye frames. “Contemporary!” “Youthful!”  They looked “wonderful” on me, apparently. 

All I could see was my mother sporting similar frames in the 1950s. 

I realize they are current, but I felt old-fashioned in them. Also, they did not look good on me, despite what the young, enthusiastic sales person said. 

Finally, I made my choice. I thought I did well. Neither old-fashioned, nor so trendy that I look like I am trying to be a teenager. 

That night we went to a movie, The Last Word starring Shirley MacLaine.

I enjoyed the movie, but Ms. MacLaine was wearing the same glasses I had just ordered! Not exact, perhaps, but the same brand, and close enough to make me uncomfortable. 

Shirley MacLaine is 20 years older than me. Yes, she is a movie star, famous, rich – but regardless, two decades older! 

So, trendy and current I am not. But I can see. And that will have to do. 

You may wonder what new eyeglasses have to do with my “Magnolia tree” flower vase. Nothing! But you can see it here. :-)

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