The Ladybug Dance November 26 2017

Life is a dance. All we must do to learn is to take one tentative, simple step at a time, until we find our rhythm. 

Of course, we can choose simply to sit on the sidelines and watch. But isn’t is so much better to shove our cares to the side, just for a minute and attempt one small move? Which will lead to another, then another, and another, until we too can “jump up in the air with nary a care.” 

It’s not about how well we dance: it’s that we make the choice to get up and move, and discover for ourselves that there is “No time for ‘can’t' – just Ladybug Dance!”

The Ladybug Dance is my second children’s board book in honour of my new granddaughter. You can see The Ladybug Dance here.

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