The red buoy December 10 2017

I am from the Maritimes, so I often think in terms of tides - high and low -  and seas, both calm, and, perhaps too often, stormy.  

Often, moments and events in my life are experienced as images of the ocean - sailing away from the wharf, or landing on shore, or basking in the sun, surf and spray of the bay. And sometimes, I simply feel lost at sea. 

In the days when I feel adrift, I need a marker buoy. We all do.

It may be a belief, a person, a place, a memory or a network of friends- whatever we find that guides us, keeping us afloat when navigating harsh conditions.

The unpretentious buoy signals the best path home. Or offers a spot to anchor ourselves in the storm. 

What we find that lifts us up, keeps us from capsizing, and gives us hope that we may again find safe haven – that is our marker buoy.

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