The Magnificent Magical Musical Menagerie January 27 2019 4 Comments

While I have always embraced the colourful, silly and sometimes ridiculous, lately I have been rediscovering my imagination from a child’s point of view. 

I can thank my lovely wee granddaughter and precious great nephews and nieces for sparking my sense of wonder anew.

My most recent trip down imagination lane is chronicled in my fourth children’s book The Magnificent Magical Musical Menagerie. That journey takes us to a land where exotic animals play a variety of interesting instruments in unusual and amusing situations, and where anything is possible.

Feeding a child’s curiosity, The Magnificent Magical Musical Menagerie is a colourful and playful introduction to the shape and sounds of more than a dozen instruments.

You can see more of The Magnificent Magical Musical Menagerie here.

Beside printed versions, all four of my books are now also available as eBooks on Amazon and iTunes. (If you know my books, it would be a great help if you could take the time to write reviews on Amazon and iTunes.)

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