eBook - I Am ... I Can ...



Go ahead. Send it to all the children in your life.

If we want to be amazed, we need only consider the children in our lives. Each is unique, their own wonderfully intriguing person. I am spellbound by the precious children in my life.  
But growing up is not simple. Like all of us, each child must navigate challenges and learn lessons common to at any age.
Self esteem, self confidence and self awareness. Anger. Sadness. Acceptance. Aspirations. Friendship. Diversity. Choices. Bullying. Perseverance.
This book presents a series of defining moments from a child’s perspective. Whimsical characters, bright colours and simple verse will  help them recall tips to use in real life, as they draw from the underlying belief that “I Am ... I Can ...”.

Download the epub here for ipad: 
- Choose the epub file when you get the download email.
- Save it to iBooks.
  (The KF8 (.mobi) file does not work properly so just use epub from here . 

Download the PDF here for computer and non-Apple tablets: 
To view on your non-Apple tablet: 
- Download the free app "xodo" onto your tablet here 
- Save PDF to Xodo
- Click on the settings wheel at top right
- Choose "Cover facing"
- Swipe pages to the left

To view on your computer:
- Open in Acrobat 
- Go to "View" 
- Choose "Page display" from drop down menu 
- Then "Two page viewing"
- And "Show cover page in two page view"

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