Wearable glass

SCREEN MELT PENDANTS conjure up childhood memories of lying on your back studying the clouds – discovering animals and angels and cars and flowers and all sorts of mythical creatures.

In that same spirit, investigate each pendant and see what you find in its depths. The colours, the shapes, the swirls will reveal birds, fish, angels, people, animals, flowers – delights only you and your imagination can reveal.

Each pendant is one-of-a kind, totally unrepeatable. I arrange pieces of glass on a high-temperature screen and fire it in my kiln for 9.5 hours. The glass drips through the screen, becoming a dark, rich puddle on the kiln shelf below. Magic happens. Colours blend. Shapes emerge.

When the kiln cools, I remove the puddle, clean it – and then smash it into pieces. I fire them again on a flat surface. I am always eager to open the kiln and see what new magic has taken place. Often I fire the pieces a third time to get the finish I want – firing and cooling the kiln three times in 72 hours.

Great for contemplation as they emerge from the kiln, screen melt pendants are transformed into wearable art when I drill holes and add sterling silver bails and chains. Voila! Ready for your style and imagination.

DICHROIC PENDANTS are made with opal, transparent, clear and dichroic glass (glass treated with various metal oxides to give multi-dimensional sparkle). Each is bold, beautiful, intriguing and expressive.

The process is quite different than the process for screen melt pendants. Each dichoric pendant incorporates multiple pieces, individually cut, assembled and fired in the kiln.

Once cooled, drilled and equipped with a pewter bail and a black cord, they are ready to accentuate your unique personal style.

JUST PLAIN PRETTY PENDANTS are made with a variety of glass, both transparent and opal. Stunning in their simplicity.

FREE AS A BIRD PENDANTS are made with various colours of glass. Each one has a bird or two flying through the pendant created using copper foil or glass – bold, beautiful, intriguing and expressive.