Portfolio bowl/fruit bowl - Sunset


Fruit bowls take my fused glass in a truly abstract direction. A riot of strong colour evokes images of sunsets that cause us to pause and bask in their richness.

Incorporating holes in the design gives the bowl a lacey look and feel as well as promoting air circulation and allowing you to wash and drain your fruit right in the bowl.

I recommend that you wash all Glass by Charis by hand. It is food safe.

Size: 10" (2" deep)

All fused Glass by Charis pieces are handmade and fired in the kiln 2-4 times depending on the complexity of the design. To add variety, I use my own hand-crushed glass (frit). My process often adds bubbles in the glass and no piece is perfectly round or square, adding to its appeal.

Fusing glass, often in several layers, results in items that may seem surprisingly heavy when first unpacked.

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