Portfolio Lunch plate - Enchanted forest


This plate hides mythical creatures in the depths of the quirky tree on the right with lots of eyes peeking out from among the branches. A magical flower on the left has clear glass petals and leaves and a dusting of magic is scattered all around. A perfect plate for lunch for an enchanting lunch, dessert or on which to serve your favourite cookies or hors d'oeuvres.

You can read more about my inspiration for this piece in my blog here.

I suggest that you wash all Glass by Charis by hand. It is food safe. 

Putting it in the microwave is not recommended.

Size: 8.875" x 8.875" (.875" deep)

How it was created: The "Enchanted forest" lunch plate was created by laying a piece of clear glass on the kiln shelf for the base and topping it with turquoise glass. The enchanted forest was made by adding hand-crushed vanilla and turquoise glass on top. The three layers were fused together. When the vanilla pieces are fired touching the turquoise glass, which has copper in it, we get the reaction you see - a new dark colour is introduced. More glass was added after the first firing and fused again. The next day the 8.5" square fused piece was put in an oragami-shaped plate mold and fired for another day. This piece was in the kiln for three days.

My process often adds bubbles in the glass and no piece is perfectly round or square, adding to its appeal.

Fusing glass, often in several layers, results in items that may seem surprisingly heavy when first unpacked.

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