Painting artscape - Unfettered



Surrendering control is not easy for an artist but letting go can be a path to insights and delights. My "Artscape" paintings require me to plan, to experiment and to respond to what emerges. 

For me, the paintings conjure up childhood memories of lying on your back studying the clouds – discovering animals, scenes and mythical creatures. Look closely to see what your imagination will reveal. Each artwork is one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable.

You can read about my inspiration for this piece in my blog here.

Your painting comes with the sides of the canvas painted so framing is optional. And it is wired and ready to hang.

Medium: Acrylic on gallery canvas
Size: 36" x 24" x 1.5" deep (I suggest you use a ruler or measuring tape to map out the size of the painting.)

How it was created: I begin by meticulously painting a scene on the canvas. When it is dry, I add paint drops to a liquid gel and pour it directly over the painting and let it ooze at it will over the top and sides. I try to direct the colours and progress of the movement as much as I can hoping for a certain end product. I am always surprised at what emerges. The original painting adds depth and interest and is more visible in some paintings than others. And the oozing gel adds spontaneous life and excitement. The process gets repeated over several days until I am satisfied.

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