Portfolio parted-square dish - Second look


It is always good to take a second look. This parted-square dish offers a second layer of subtle, intriguing flowers and is the perfect size for crackers and cheese, chips and dip, cookies and squares, pickles and salsa. With two dishes in one, this will be your go-to dish for every occasion.

You can read more about my inspiration for this piece in my blog here.

I suggest that you wash all Glass by Charis by hand. It is food safe. 

Putting it in the microwave is not recommended.

Size: 9.25" x 9.25"" (1" deep)

How it was created: The "Second look" parted-square dish was created by placing a square of clear glass on the kiln shelf topped with opaque peacock and vanilla glass. These glasses are reactive, meaning when vanilla pieces are placed on top of vanilla, there will be a lighter outline left around each piece. When the peacock glass touches the vanilla glass, a dark outline is created. This piece was fired in the kiln to a full fuse, then fired one more time in the parted-square mold. Two days in total.

My process often adds bubbles in the glass and no piece is perfectly round or square, adding to its appeal.

Fusing glass, often in several layers, results in items that may seem surprisingly heavy when first unpacked.

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