Pendant - FAB657



"Free as a bird" pendants are made with various colours of glass. Each one has a bird or two flying through the pendant created using copper foil or glass – bold, beautiful, intriguing and expressive.

You can read about my inspiration for the "Free as a bird" pendants in my blog here.

The process is quite different than the process for screen melt pendants. Each "Free as a bird" pendant incorporates multiple pieces, individually cut, assembled and fired in the kiln.

Once cooled, drilled and equipped with a pewter bail and a cord, they are ready to accentuate your unique personal style.

This beautiful fused glass pendant comes with a pewter bail and an 18" brown 3-strand cord.

It comes mounted on a card and packaged in a clear bag.

Approximate Size: 1.675"x1" (not including bail)

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