Portfolio sushi plate - Underwater waltz


Rich copper foil leaves appear to be floating under water. Bubbles gurgle up to the surface creating a unique and stunning conversation piece. This sushi plate should be used for dry foods only, so as to protect the bubbles or leave it out to enjoy and admire.

You can read more about my inspiration for this piece here.

I suggest that you wash all Glass by Charis by hand. It is food safe. 

Putting it in the microwave is not recommended.

Size: 5.75" x 9.75" (1.5" deep)

How it was created: The "Underwater waltz" sushi plate was created by laying a piece of white glass on the kiln shelf for the base. I then took a sheet of copper foil, rubbed it on a relief design of a leaf creating the texture of the leaves and then cut the copper foil into the leaf shapes. The copper foil leaves were placed on top of the white glass and topped with clear  glass. The next day the rectangle fused piece was put in a sushi plate mold and fired for another day.

My process often adds bubbles in the glass and no piece is perfectly round or square, adding to its appeal.

Fusing glass, often in several layers, results in items that may seem surprisingly heavy when first unpacked.

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