Portfolio vase - Round with spirit-glass leaves


Blue, white and orange spirit-glass leaves enliven this delicate round vase. Price includes the wrought iron stand. Beautiful as art, functional as a flower vase.

I recommend that you wash all Glass by Charis by hand. 

Glass Size: 11.75"      With Stand: 13" x 14"    
Opening for flowers: 5/8"D, 4.25"W, 8"H

How it was created: The "Round with spirit-glass leaves" vase was created by laying a piece of clear glass on the kiln shelf. I then cut a piece of fibre blanket and placed it where I wanted the opening to be. I laid another piece of clear glass on top of the blanket. The design was created using spirit-glass on top. The whole thing was put in the kiln for a contour fuse. When it was cool I put the whole thing under water to facilitate digging out the fibre blanket to reveal the opening for the vase.  

My process often adds bubbles in the glass and no piece is perfectly round or square, adding to its appeal.

Fusing glass, often in several layers, results in items that may seem surprisingly heavy when first unpacked.



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